In 2020, the One Orphan Foundation will be changed to the One Orange Foundation to be more reflective of all the work the our foundation does on a yearly basis. Each year we set out to make a difference in the lives of children locally with foster care initiatives and around the world with orphan care initiatives. In the past few years, we have broaden our reach to include caring for single mothers, children with terminal diseases and more. Furthermore, we have expanded our reach to support local artists by providing scholarships.

Several years ago, Imavex launched the Imavex Orange Baseball program. The motto of Imavex Orange Baseball is that "We are more than baseball". We want the youth in that program to be part of something bigger than baseball. And that motto has held true as the young men pursue all the qualities that make up a team, family and build solid foundation and work ethic.

The One Orange Foundation combines our heart for caring for others and our "bigger than baseball" mentality to launch our new foundation: The One Orange Foundation

Matthew 7:16, “By their fruit you will recognize them".

The One Orange Foundations wants to edify, build and lift up kids, families and co-workers to be healthier, more loved, more faithful and more physically and mentally stronger. We want to share the Gospel and let others know that they are loved by the Creator and are saved by the Grace God has given us through the gift of Jesus. We want to disciple others and then send them into the world to do the same. Those that become a disciple of Christ will be recognized by their fruits. We have chosen Orange as our symbol to represent the fruits God wants us to produce. You are One Orange, and we all are a Grove of Oranges changing the world.

So be recognized by your fruits. We are the Orange Foundation

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